Alan Peik Countertops

Serving San Diego County since 1979

Alan Peik Countertops - Serving San Diego County since 1979

Why Choose Alan Peik Countertops?

We are a family owned and run countertop shop.  We have been in Business for 30+ years, and the majority of our work comes from referrals.  We do have a small listing in the Yellow pages, but besides that, our work comes to us from our thousands of satisfied customers!  You may have seen our work in your neighbor’s home already!  We work really hard ensure your complete satisfaction.  We even occasionally work on Saturday’s, so we can fit everyone possible onto our schedule!  Oh, and we’ve ALWAYS offered a no-hassle, FREE Quote over the phone/fax if you know the general layout of your counters, and the back wall dimensions (you can get these with ANY regular tape measure.)  Once Alan has given you a quote, he Rarely changes that price (unless of course these is some drastic differences when he finally comes out to measure, or you choose a more expensive laminate).

What Makes you so Special?

As I’ve already mentioned, our FREE quote is unique.  Alan will personally oversee and install your countertops.  Since we are a small family business, Alan has the time to sit down with you, and help you make the hard decisions, such as choosing from the hundreds of color choices!

What’s the difference between your countertops and Home Depot’s™  or Lowe’s™ Countertops?

Asking the difference between our countertops and those you may get from say Home Depot, or Lowe’s, is simple.  Quality.  We use Industrial Grade Particle Board, and Post Forming Laminate for most of our Jobs.  This is the highest quality you can get in a Laminate Countertop.

Do you work with other Contractors?

We often work with other contractors who may have been contracted to remodel an entire kitchen, downstairs, or perhaps the entire house!  We have been working with some re-modeling companies, and contractors for many years, and will only work with the best in this profession!  Ask your Contractor if he’s considering us for your countertops!

How long does it take to build and install my countertops?

Our general lead time for building, and installing countertops is 10 to 14 days.  This time frame is the approximate amount of time it takes us to get the wood and laminate from our suppliers, then manufacture and assemble your countertops from scratch!  Please be patient with us, and be extra sure to say “YES, I like the price you quoted me, please start work on my job!”, and don’t forget to schedule a day for us to install your countertops!  So many times we get calls from our homeowners who thought that when we say 10 to 14 days, it meant that in 10 to 14 days we’d install your tops! We do keep a schedule, and even though it changes sometimes hour to hour, we Really do need to at least have you on it somewhere!

What if I want to install them myself?

If you wish to install the countertops yourself, you are always more than welcome, and Alan will be more than happy to give you an “FOB” (meaning you install them) price, and our Install price!  We only ask that you have either a Check or Cash payable to us when you pick up your countertops!

What if I choose a Laminate that is Special Order or Discontinued?

There are always going to be some special order or discontinued items!  The problem with this is that they usually are more difficult to obtain, take extra time (sometimes WEEKS), or are completely unavailable!  So whatever laminate choice you pick, Try to pick a backup choice!  If you come into our office, anything you see on our Sample Boards should be readily available from our suppliers, and you shouldn’t have to worry about availability.  Lastly, check the sample chain you are picking your colors from.  Virtually every chain has a cardboard piece that has the Year, and the Brand of laminate published on it!  A color chain from 1980 is going to have mostly discontinued colors on it, but one from 2010 or 2011, is going to have more choices!

How do I get a Quote from you?

You can get a quote one of 3 ways!  Call us locally at 1-858-748-4171 M-F, Fax your Drawing (in pen) with dimensions, Your Name, and a Phone number to reach you at, to us at 1-858-748-4173, or CLICK HERE to fill out our Quote Request form and have someone call or e-mail you!