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Alan Peik Countertops - Serving San Diego County since 1979

Color Additions & Deletions

Both Wilsonart and Formica are constantly updating and changing colors to keep up with the latest trends.  While we try to keep our boards up to date, sometimes you may get a sample chain that has colors that have been moved to design group 2 or discontinued entirely.  If you have chosen a color and are not sure of it’s status, or if it’s a unique pattern, we recommend visiting or to check for current availability.  These are the 2 most popular laminate companies with the best and most readily available color selections.   On their websites when you enter the number for your color choice, it will tell you if the color is available or if it has been discontinued and usually when.  If a color is “scheduled” for discontinuation, you should consider it discontinued already as that means they won’t be adding to the stock that is on hand at their distributors.

There are a number of new colors in 2017, but neither WilsonArt nor Formica have provided us with a list of those colors, however we constantly check their websites for new colors and order samples to have on hand when we can.    Both companies now have Custom Color ordering, and WilsonArt has a Virtual Design Library of Colors that are available as special order.  These should be considered premium colors for pricing and expect a 3+ week lead time to get the laminate.

When a color is not on our boards, it is checked against the stock sheet, and if it is not there, that color should be considered Design Group 2 (Discontinued).   This means that this color is no longer being manufactured, and whatever stock remains is the sum total of what’s left.  Many times if you like one of these colors, it is still possible to get it in limited amounts.  If you are doing a recurring project (several parts…over time), it is recommended to choose a different color.  Please be aware though that if you have any problems with your laminate in the future (i.e. several years down the road) it will be unlikely that we would be able to assist in repairs or replacement if you choose a design group 2 color.