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Serving San Diego County since 1979

Alan Peik Countertops - Serving San Diego County since 1979

New! Laminate Inlays!



Something new in the Laminate world doesn’t come up often, but we are excited to be able to offer a new feature for Businesses and Homeowners alike!

We are pleased to Present Laminate Inlays using all the major brands and colors of Laminate, including Formica, and Wilson Art.

The ones featured in this update are about 12″x12″ in size and are custom made to match our Logo!

Paul at Boss Laser Services will be doing the actual inlay work, and we will be contracting with him to get you the best deal and use your vector logo artwork!  Now you don’t have to be a corporation to have incredible one of a kind laminate inlay work done!  Paul uses only the best lasers in the industry and has one of the most advanced machines available.  And because he’s local to Southern California we can get it made up quickly to coincide with our normal timeframe of doing your job!

Contact us today for a Quote. 858-748-4171