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How to Measure for Your Countertops!

How to Measure for Your Countertops! (see the bottom of page for additional info on Installing/FOB countertops)

Tools you will need:

A Pen or Pencil
A Piece of Paper (for drawing and dimensions)
A Tape measure, or other Measuring tool (INCHES)
Your Brain

Tell me How:

Measuring Your New and Existing Countertops:
Below is a step-by-step guide for drawing and measuring your countertop. 

Existing Countertop: Pencil out (or pen) a drawing of how your countertops Lay-out.  Are they L-shaped? Straight? U-shaped?  Don’t forget to include your appliance locations! Using your tape measure, write down the Length of your Countertops Along the WALL.  Do NOT use the inside edge (the edge closest to you while you are measuring) unless you have odd angles or something completely out of the ordinary.  The BACK WALL dimension is essential to accurately pricing and building your countertops.  Be sure to note the depth/width of your countertops as well. (see the picture below)

To replace an existing countertop, determine if your countertop is : 

A postformed countertop (i.e. Rolled/Waterfall, No Drip [or Dripless Edge, which is no longer available]  or Rounded/180-wrap front edge).
A square-edge, or custom bevel-edged countertop

For a postformed countertop, follow the instructions immediately below.
For a square-edge countertop follow the instructions for “New Cabinets” below.

Measure the dimensions of the existing countertop:
Measure the total length of each piece of countertop along the back where the top meets the wall.
Measure each additional piece of countertop. Measure to the nearest 1/8″ if possible.
If your countertop goes INTO a window opening, please measure to indicate this on your drawing, and measure the depth of the window, and all the measurements surrounding it!

For bar tops and islands:
For bartops, measure the width and the total length from the wall to the end of the bartop.
For islands, measure both the length and the width.

Where two walls meet, you can verify if the angle is a true 90 degrees. Measure three feet on the wall from the corner and four feet on the other side and mark both measurements. Measure the cross distance between the two wall points. A perfect 90 degree wall corner should indicate five feet (60 inches). (this will give us an idea on whether your kitchen is out of square, which will make it easier for building and installing your tops)

If your measurement is greater than 60 1/4″ or less than 59 3/4″, note this on your measurements. 

For diagonal corners, measure A – B and C – D. Be sure to measure to the wall, including the backsplash depth. 

Be sure that you have also measured: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 2-7

If you are getting New Cabinets:

Countertop measurements for new cabinets and for the replacement of square-edge countertops are done in the same manner. Your countertop manufacturer must know the exact dimensions of the cabinets if you do not have a countertop to measure, or are replacing your cabinets.

1.  Measure the total length for each cabinet segment along the back wall. Indicate if/where your stove, sink and other appliances will be placed.

Measure the depth of each cabinet segment. Be sure to give the exterior dimension, excluding the thickness of the door.  The more we know, the easier it is!

3.  Verify if any angles are a true 90 degrees. Measure three feet on the wall from the corner and four feet on the other side and mark both measurements. Measure the cross distance between the two wall points. A perfect 90 degree wall corner should indicate five feet.

Indicate the location of walls and appliances. ****VERY IMPORTANT**** If your countertop goes behind, or is part of your stove/cooktop, you MUST include the stove in your measurements!

Finishing touches:

To allow for clearance of cabinet doors, indicate the type of cabinetry and countertop “form” (front edge) and whether your counters will need to be “built-up”.

The exposed ends of countertops must always be finished. Three types of finished ends are available. Usually an apparent end of a countertop or island will be finished “Full”, whereas the ends butting up against appliances are often finished “Profile”. End (or “return”) splashes are used exclusively against walls.

(if you have a bartop) Indicate how the bartop ends are to be shaped.

4. Indicate type of Edge you would like for the majority of your Counters (some edges may have to be Square).


Helpful Hints:

Vanity Tops
Measure length and depth of the cabinet in the same fashion as for a new kitchen cabinet.
Specify the finishing of the ends. Be sure to indicate the location of walls.

Standard postform countertop depths are:
Kitchen countertop: 25″
Vanities: 22″,23″ (Varies with region)

Backsplash height may be important for your renovation project:
4″ is standard, however there is no additional charge for up to 5 1/2″ of splash height from the bottom of the tops.
It is important to know if your splash is HIGH (i.e. higher than 5 1/2″)!

When you have finished writing All these measurements down, add your Name and Phone Number to the paper.  This way, if you fax or show it to several companies for bids, we will all be able to know exactly who you are, and how to reach you!
Either find a fax machine (and fax your drawing to 858-748-4173), or call us at 858-748-4171, and usually Alan can decipher your numbers over the phone!
 If you don’t have access to a fax machine, you can also email us your drawings and/or pictures to  

If Alan has given you a price, and you decide have him INSTALL your countertops, Give him the OK to build and install your countertops.   Following that, several steps are going to need to be achieved:

You’re going to need a color picked out. We can’t build anything without a color!  Please make sure you have a color picked before we give you a price.  If you choose a premium laminate, your price WILL change based on that choice.  Our bids without colors are for Standard Matte Finish Colors only.
Alan will schedule to come out to your home, and physically measure for your countertops himself.  It’s not that we don’t trust your numbers, it’s a double-check, to make sure we get a perfect fit! Since we are a Custom Countertop shop, we like to make sure your countertops look their best!
You’re going to need to Schedule an Install Date after Alan has measured for your tops. Typically about 5-7 days after it’s been measured.
You’re probably going to change your install date one or more times if you are having other work done in your home/kitchen.  We are familiar with this, and assure you it is completely normal for changes to occur.  We also ask you to bear with us if WE ask to change your scheduled date.  These changes can be a result of a completely different job that needed to be changed, or altered, or just got delayed due to circumstances beyond our control! We strive to have as little disruption in your daily life as possible!
Once you have made it through all the re-modeling of your home, We ask that you pull up a chair, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy your new kitchen, or other room for at least 5 minutes before you put it to work!  Don’t forget to Smile, because your Done!!

If Alan has given you an FOB price, and you want to install the countertops yourself, then please note the following:

This means he will NOT come out and measure for your Countertops.  So be as accurate as possible with your measurements.
You will be picking up your countertops from our Shop.  Try to have a vehicle large enough to transport your new countertops safely and securely.  Bring rope, and blankets to protect the edges. Don’t forget your payment in the form of Cash or Check.
Alan can get grommets, metal corbels, create laminate corbels, and cut your sink out for you if needed.  These items will need to be paid for in addition to the cost of the countertops.  Sink cutouts are always included in our pricing for kitchens for no additional charge.

Hope this helps!