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Color Deletions 2012 WilsonArt Only

We have received our new WilsonArt ColorBoards here in the office, and are working to update our system with the color changes.

There are a number of new colors in 2012, but WilsonArt has not provided us with a list of those colors yet.  Instead, we are using our old board to fill in with extra samples as the boards only come with 2-3 samples of each color.  When a color is popular, those disappear quickly, and we are left with gaping holes that can take weeks to get filled. When a color is not on the board, it is checked against the stock sheet, and if it is not there, that color is now considered Design Group 2 (Deleted).   This means that this color is no longer being manufactured, and whatever stock remains is the sum total of what’s left.  Many times if you like one of these colors, it is still possible to get it in limited amounts.  If you are doing a recurring project (several parts…over time), it is recommended to choose a different color.

I can tell you though that so far there are at least 29 colors that have been removed from the boards/sample chains.  I will update the list accordingly.

The Color Deletions for 2012 so far are as Follows: (number followed by name of color)

1786-60 Verdi Oxide

1792-60 Nirvana

1816K-35 Deepstar Jade

1827K-35 Metallic Bronze

1828K-35 Metallic Steel

1829K-35 Metallic Silver

1845K-45 Night Passage

1846K-35 Medallion

4573K-07 Mesa Verte

4574K-07 Mesa Twilight

4596K-52 Egyptian Sun

4727K-52 Milano Glen

4738-38 Copper Mesh

4758-60 Mystique Dusk

4763-60 Mystique Marsh

4789K-52 Limestone

4790K-52 Greystone

4791K-52 Willowstone

4799K-07 Galactic Black

4839-38 Coral Roca

4834-38 Natural Roca

4870-60 Western Tan

4880-60 Lodestone

4893-60 Tumbled Mosaic

7888-60 Golden Oak

7908-60 Sanibel Maple

7923K-07 Versailles Anigre

13045-60 Shale Moonstone


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