Alan Peik Countertops

Serving San Diego County since 1979

Alan Peik Countertops - Serving San Diego County since 1979

Terms & Conditions

  • We accept Personal and Business Checks, Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders and Cash.  Ask us about Cash Discounts available to you.
  • We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), however the card/cardholder must be present, and the cardholder must be able to sign for the transaction.  There will be a small 3% fee for payment by credit card as we don’t build this into our pricing.  If you tell us ahead of time, we can prepare a quote with this fee incorporated into your bid. We are unable to take cards over the phone or through email as this presents a significant security risk for both you and us.

For Homeowners:

  • Payment in full is due when you pick up your counter-tops from us.
  • Should we be installing your counter-tops, then payment would be due the same day we finish installing your counter-tops.

For Contractors:

  • If we have worked with you before and you have a satisfactory payment record, we require payment in full within 72 hours of completion of Installed Jobs.
  • If you are new to working with us, we require full payment the same day the installation is completed.
  • Should you need insurance or tax forms to issue payment, they must be requested/sent at least 48 hours prior to installation date.
  • Failure to pay within our time frame will result in a 10% penalty per job added to the total bill.  We are not bill collectors, please don’t make us become one.  You do NOT have an open account with us.
  • All FOB (you pick up) jobs require payment in full when they are picked up. No Exceptions.

Additional Terms:


  • If a check you have written us is returned by the bank unpaid (i.e. bounces), then in addition to paying in full in CASH or Cashier’s Check only within 24 hours, you will need to add a $35 returned check fee.  Failure to provide full payment within 24 hours will result in a Lien being placed on your property for the full amount due, plus attorney and any court fees.



  • Occasionally we may ask for a deposit or down payment for your project.  This is usually when the project is large, or special order/discontinued materials are needed.  We usually ask for at least one third down in most cases to cover our cost of materials.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE as they are to cover the cost of materials purchased for YOUR project.  Special Order and Discontinued Laminates are NON-RETURNABLE.


  • All Sales are Final.  As our work is Completely Custom, we do not offer a Return Policy for anything we have built.  Laminate Products that have a manufacturer defect will be replaced once that defect is verified.
  • Our counter-tops carry a 1 year warranty against Manufacturer defects.  We try very hard to make sure there are no flaws in your material before you get your counter-tops, so if you do find there is a problem, it is best to contact us as soon as possible.
  • additional terms and conditions may apply.